kinPrint for kintone

The information registered in kintone is reported by the report engine.
You can easily create a form.

Record information registered in kintone can be output to the form. Since the form uses a report engine, it is possible to create any format.

In Report Designer, drag and drop from the kintone dataset on the left to set it as designer

For sub-table information, create a data band and drag and drop the information you want to display. Shapes and lines can be freely inserted. All items snap to the back grid for easy placement and alignment.

Since the related record list set by kintone is also automatically created in the data set, it can also be used as a stamp image. It can also be used for process management.

Furthermore, it is also possible to automatically save the form in the attached file field when printing.

In addition to normal text and images, the report engine is equipped with barcodes, QR codes, graphs, gauges, and various controls. You can create any kind of printed matter.

Report engine for kintone

Generally, kintone form printing is to upload PDF and paste information on it, but if that is not enough and it is difficult to adjust the settings, please consider kintone, which is linked with the report engine. Please contact us for details.